Kunigis Communications Your Message. My Words. Desired Results.

I am a financial freelance writer. I write to people of all levels of understanding and interest about money – how to save, borrow, invest and plan. I research, interview, write, explain and educate. I break down complex topics so that readers get the message clearly and quickly.

I also write about non-financial topics – I've specialized in employee communications, human resource communications, and workforce diversity.

My experience is broad and deep. There are few financial topics that I haven't written on. I respond quickly, write quickly, "get" concepts quickly, so you don't need to hold my hand. You spend less time explaining assignments to me and less time editing and rewriting my work. That gives you more time to do other important things.

My aim is to delight my clients consistently and to earn their long-term loyalty. It's a simple and effective business model – and it's very satisfying all around.

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Allan Kunigis